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Date & Time: 14-07-2018 19:30 - 23:30
Event Code: 1419
Location: Beckington Memorial Hall
Price: £15.00
Description: A class act regarded by blues fans as the finest band in Europe, able to hold their own with the top Americans, winning every award going including BEST BLUES BAND (5 times), ALBUM OF THE YEAR (3 times), Instrumentalist of the Year-PAUL LAMB (5 times). Recently elected to the BLUES HALL OF FAME in America. A sensational Blues review, from West Coast Swing to Chicago Southside , unmatched by the mighty all-star line up, including ex Van Morrison bassman Rod Demick and legendary blues hollerer Chad Strentz out front. ONE OF THE GREAT LIVE ACTS AND A MUST FOR ALL LOVERS OF THE BLUES !!