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Date & Time: 15-07-2017 19:30 - 22:00
Event Code: 1521
Location: Rook Lane Chapel
Price: £12.00
Description: "Kusangansia" (the Shona word for 'mixture') is an intercultural collaboration between mbira player Chartwell Dutiro from Zimbabwe, guitarist Leandro Maia from Brazil, rock bassist Chris Blanden and jazz saxophonist Nick Sorensen. Their mesmeric music has enchanted audiences wherever they play. The first half features Young Waters (winners of the 2016 Bath Folk Festival's New Shoots competition) led by Theo Passingham (vocals and guitar) with Kerry Ann Jangle (vocals), Liam O'Connell (double bass), Calum Smith (violin) and Rowen Elliot (viola). https://kusanganisa.com/ https://kusanganisa.com/ ngwaters