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Date & Time: 13-07-2017 19:45 - 22:30
Event Code: 1312
Location: Archangel
Price: £8.00
Description: The hugely entertaining, hand-made, poetry, comedy cabaret The Hip Yak Poetry Shack will once again be hosting a Frome Fest Poetry Slam. A quick-fire knock-out incredibly cuddly poetry competition, featuring 12 slammers. Prepare for a fun, friendly and exhilarating night of poetry for both audience and poets, hosted by national spoken word stars Chris Redmond, Jonny Fluffypunk and Liv Torc. Poets will be competing for a slot on the Hip Yak Poetry Stage at WOMAD 2017, along with a backstage festival ticket. Tickets £8 or £5 for slammers. Tickets also available on door - but get there early.