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Date & Time: 11-07-2017 19:15 - 21.15
Event Code: 1106
Location: Trinity Church
Price: £12.50
Description: Excited by persistent local stories of tunnels under Frome, but frustrated by the lack of access or real information, the Frome Tunnels Project founded a group of 'tunnel myth' enthusiasts to investigate things. Through site investigations, historical document research, interviews and tip-offs they are starting to assemble the missing pieces of the jigsaw of part of Frome's history from 300-400 years ago. Since the BBC1 (Inside Out program) in 2006, many contributions from locals and frequent tours in the Frome Festival have been made. A growing list of over 40 sites have been investigated and nearly 100 people have contributed with locations, maps, or access to their buildings and over 30 first hand accounts from elder residents of Frome, playing in and going through some of the tunnels in their childhood have been collected. This year the tunnels team are putting on a talk and presentation of what they have discovered so far. Please park in the town centre and walk to the venue. Please note this now a two hour talk with a break for refreshments in the middle.