April 24, 2017
The Frome Festival has been awarded membership of the prestigious European Festivals Association. The EFA represents some of the top arts festivals in Europe and is partly funded by the European Union. It helps build contacts between artists and festivals throughout Europe,... Read More

The Frome Festival gets a mention in ‘The Times’

March 29, 2017
Va-va-Frome — there’s no getting round the fact that eastern Somerset is trendy, and Frome has come a long way in the past 10 years. Once more rough scrumpy than craft beer, it has reinvented itself as an artsy-foodie hipster... Read More

Frome Festival teams up with Vallis Veg ‘Camping in Nature’

February 22, 2017
This year the Frome Festival is teaming up with Vallis Veg ‘Camping in Nature’ - a small farm and family run campsite on the outskirts of Frome, producing vegetables, fruit and various other farm products to the local community though vegetable box schemes... Read More

Would you like to advertise your Business?

February 15, 2017
We are almost at our advertising deadline and have a few ad spaces left in our 2017 Festival Brochure. If you would like to promote your business to 20,000 people locally, as well as on the Festival website / Festival App,... Read More

Event Organisers

February 7, 2017
Event Organisers, If you are planning on putting an event on in this year's Festival, have you spoken to the Festival office to ensure that it is suitable? do you have a venue? If you'd like to get in touch... Read More