Section 1 - Your Details

Section 2 - Event Details

(if your venue is not in the list above please enter it here).

If you are running a walk or tour please do not fill in a venue but ensure that meeting/start point details are given on the ticket or with any information sheet supplied to the ticket holder.

Section 3 - Event Categories

You can have your event advertised in TWO categories. For example if you are running a free workshop on energy conservation you may wish to have it listed under "Green Events" and "Free". You must tick at least ONE category.

Section 4 - CRB and PLI

Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) disclosure letter and Public Liabilty Insurance (PLI). Does your event require you to have either of these? You must answer these two questions. If the answer to either is "Yes" please answer supplementary question below

Section 5 - Ticket and Concession Prices

Enter the ticket price below followed by any qualifiers, (for instance £5.00 per family, or £3.00 child - £5.00 adult etc). We will contact you if we wish to change this. If you are offering concessionary prices please enter them followed by eligibilty. E.G £2.50 OAP, £3.00 Student for different rates of concession. Or £3.00 OAPs, Students if only one rate of concession.

Enter the ticket price that will be displayed in the sortable-by-price list on the Frome Festival Mobile App. Must be just a number with 2 decimal places.

If there is no charge for admission please enter the word 'Free' in the price field.

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Please help us promote your event by supplying image(s) to illustrate it. This should be sufficiently high quality for print purposes (at least 300 dpi). Images and other material you submit may be used in our publicity and you should have the use of the copyright. All material should be emailed to accompanied by your name, event name and any directions concerning the use of the material. Material can also be handed in or posted to the festival office at: 25 Market Place, Frome, Somerset BA11 1AH. Tel 01373 453889

Please be aware that we reserve the right to edit submissions before publication and that by submitting this form you agree to our use of any material submitted by you or anyone on your behalf.