Treasure Hunt Answers

Aug 2, 2023

Many thanks to all of you who took part in this year’s treasure hunt. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did in putting it together. Congratulations to the winner, Rosalie Morgan!

Here are the annotated answers:

  1. A cute little bunny, one you might love 

But what is the birdie that’s sitting above? 

A woodpecker. This may be found on a wooden bench on the footpath close to Welshmill Play Area 

2. A colourful clue is what we shall give 

Although it’s not Frome, where do we all live? 

A Yellow Submarine. “We all live in a yellow submarine” is from the Beatles song. This is found on the shed between the railway bridge and the canoe club. 

3. Not Windsors, or Stuarts or Tudors besides, 

But which kings might you find on the sign alongside? 

Saxon Kings. The sign is on the wall of the Cheese and Grain marking the Saxon Kings Way. 

4. Not twelve trees but one, can you see it grow? 

What species was planted here some years ago? 

The species of tree is an alder (alnus glutinosa imperialis.) The plaque is located on the bank of the River Frome a little beyond the entrance to the library. 

5. Where can we go now  – who can say? 

Perhaps a kind person can tell me which way. 

Westway, The graphic is painted on the wall at the entrance to the Westway Centre, visible from the footbridge. “West” is an acceptable answer. 

6. A place where a bundle of things may be bought Or perhaps it could be a penned afterthought? 

Postscript (Stony Street.) The hydrant, unusually, is above the shop window. A postscript is a penned afterthought. 

7. A gem of a place is within your sight 

You might win the prize for guessing this right. 

Annette Gabbedey (Catherine Hill.) Annette is the donor of our prize to the Treasure Hunt – and has been for many years! 

8. Rotten apple, perhaps, names this part of town. 

You’ll not find one here as you sit yourself down. 

Bistro Lotte (Badcox) Bad = rotten, cox = apple. 

9. Un chasseur (peut-etre?)– translate it properly 

And this might reveal the name of this property. 

Hunter and French, Paul Street. Un chasseur is French for a hunter. They sell property. 

10. A fortress where you might find cheese from Parma 

Or perhaps we should really say cheese from Palmer? 

Castello (Palmer Street) is Italian for a castle or fortress, where your dish may contain parmesan cheese. 

11. Not something you would want to find in a field 

Who’s helping the stag to prop up the shield? 

Lion. The shield may be found on the building in Bath Street just below the gates to St John’s Church. 

12. To frame this clue I shall need to utter 

That goods here could come from a different shutter. 

Studio Art and Frame (Bath Street) – they sell art and photographs and, of course, cameras have shutters. 

13. A door it is alright  (but perhaps the spelling is not?) 

No more clues – and that’s your lot! 

Dore and Rees (Vicarage Street.) Dore sounds like door although the spelling is different, and at auctions they sell things by lot. 

14. A place where things were once in a spin 

And now has so much craft within. 

Silk Mill (Saxonvale) – now home to many artistic studios. 

15. A foreign road on a low-price street 

It is a place where we could meet. 

Cafe La Strada – La strada is a road and the premises are located on Cheap (low-price) Street. 

16. Where will you find Des? Do you see plainly 

That it is somewhere that “is won” strangely? 

Christina Oswin (Cheap Street) “Is won” is an anagram of Oswin. 

17. The business beneath here I hope dearly 

Will help you to see this pattern clearly! 

Eyetech Opticians (Market Place.)  

18. The place where a man might succeed so ‘tis reckoned 

If William is first, then this lad is second. 

The George Hotel. Prince George is currently second in succession to the throne after Prince William. 

19. Two ancient tradesmen combine, if you get it, 

To bring a third trade, if you would let it.  

Cooper and Tanner (The Bridge.)   Barrel-making  ( by a cooper) and  tanning are two old trades.  Cooper and Tanner “let” and sell properties. 

20. Here is another place you can go 

It’s what a river does, you know. 

The Flow Bar (The Bridge) – rivers flow (generally.) 

21. A friend of Bart’s by the sound of it 

The name of this court is what should be writ. 

Millhouse Court. Bart Simpson’s friend is Milhous – which sounds like Millhouse. 

22. The word alongside is what you must write 

You’ll be tickled to find it, I hope I am right. 

Feather (Willow Vale.) it is the painted sign on the wall of Barrow, the Frome Feather Co. 

23. Has it happened yet? If so that is great 

So what we need now, by the leaf,  is the date. 

2017. This may be found in Willow Vale. The date is in the bottom right-hand corner. 

24.  The end of the road  – how well you have tried- 

Now write down the letters which are on the front side. 

FMG (footpath Rodden Meadow.) It marks the entrance to the Frome Millennium Garden.