Being Human Open Call to Artists in the Frome Festival

April 25, 2019 - Martin

Being Human are currently accepting applications from local, national, international artists and cultural producers for their yearly residency during Frome Festival in the Somerset warehouse, being summer, 05.07.19 – 14.07.19.

With both residential and non residential opportunities, residents interpret what being human means to them. The opportunity is suitable for practitioners across all arts, performance and cultural industry disciplines. beinghuman is interested in innovative, cross discipline work with an inter connected ethos, that examines environmental or humanitarian issues and embeds creative ways of reinterpreting traditional wisdom for the modern world; work that explores what it means to be human, right here, right now.

The residency incorporates master classes with beinghuman’s founder, artist Gaynor O’Flynn. During the residency participants examine not only their creative practice but also their business, ethics and how to create a sustainable model for their work and life.

Each applicant must submit one work in any medium to form part of the being summer exhibition.

Applicants also need to submit one idea and to lead one afternoon session. It can be a workshop, happening, screening or talk.

At the end of the residency practitioners also co create work for being hungry a unique food and art happening with Sunday Times food editor and award-winning cookery writer, Lucas Hollweg.

Previous residents have worked across fine, performance, music, text and  interactive art, and creative disciplines.

The Open Call is curated by beinghuman’s founder, artist Gaynor O’Flynn.

Click here to apply to the open call

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