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July 6, 2021 - Martin

Inch by IN:CH exhibition changes as it travels around the South West encouraging interaction with passers-by during Frome Festival it will feature at Frome Museum, in areas of their building which are usually closed to the public, and independent shop windows.

The aim of this travelling art exhibition is to engage everyone in viewing art by bringing it out of the gallery and into public spaces, giving visitors a chance to happen upon it as well as encouraging planned journeys. The exhibition will evolve and adapt to each place it is being shown, from shop windows to woodland glades, steam railways to parks.

The artists come from across Somerset, including Frome, and they all aimed to find unconventional venues near where they live to bring the work to their own communities.

The 11 artists have packed their artwork safely in a case from which the piece can emerge and be displayed at the different venues, with the cases themselves being an integral part of the exhibition. Each case contributes to the work, and each has its own character. Some are large with the work spilling beyond its frame; while others are smaller, more self-contained. Some request the viewer to stand back and wonder, while others invite them to peer closer and become more intimate. Ranging in size, scope and materiality, the artworks reflect the diversity of the artists’ practice – including, painting, sound, assemblage, sculpture and light.

During Frome Festival 3-11 July, there will be some pieces in shop windows, and others in Frome Museum. This creates a dual aspect to the exhibition for Frome, unlike when the work was shown together in Bath in May and June. The work in shop windows will be on show all day and all night, while the pieces in the museum are in parts of the building rarely open to visitors: in the spiral staircase and the basement, with access on the junction of Bridge Street and North Parade.

The shops in Frome are Fiat Lux, Bath Street; Mathew Paul Interiors, Market Place; Share, A Library of Things, The Bridge; Hoi P’loy, Cheap Street; Absolutely Fabulous, Bath Street.

Inch by IN:CH artists Fiona Campbell and Shirly Sharp will be presenting a live drawing performance at Judes on Stony Street on the 9 July from 8.15-9.15pm, come and watch the event unfold.

Weather permitting there will be a gathering of artists at Boyles Cross in the centre of Frome on Sunday 11 July at 2pm, they will take their cases for one last location in Frome before they head west on the next leg of the Journey: East Somerset Railway at Cranmore 20-31 July.

Free entry to exhibition 10am-4pm daily (24 hours a day in shop windows), workshops and the live drawing performance at Judes on Stony Street 9 July 8.15-9.15pm

Inch by IN:CH

A travelling exhibition considering travelling, interchange and the transportation of ideas

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Starting in Bath in late May then spiralling its way across the South West and visiting various places before ending at the West Somerset Railway in Bishops Lydeard in October.

Venues include two heritage steam railway stations: East Somerset Railway, part of the Strawberry line, and the newly restored Gauge Museum at Bishops Lydeard Station on the West Somerset Railway, the longest heritage railway in England. The work will be shown in their unique Victorian Sleeping car, with suitcases/artworks spilling out onto the platform.  Other venues are Found Outdoors, a beautiful woodland in Erlestoke, Wiltshire, Fringe Arts Bath, Backwell Theatre, Frome Museum and shop windows during Frome Festival, and a pop up in Bristol.

The group has been delighted by the encouraging responses and generous support of all involved, whether financial or in-kind. They would like to say a big thank you to all donors (listed on their website). Sponsors include The Arts Society Wessex, Somerset Art Works, Gane Trust, Fringe Arts Bath, East and West Somerset Railways, Found Outdoors, Cranmore Parish Council and individuals.  Further donations would be extremely helpful.  This crucial support will bring the free programme of events to public audiences.

Incubation chamber (IN:CH)

IN:CH is a group of contemporary artists from the South West who meet to discuss critical theory and contemporary practice.

Artists involved in Inch by IN:CH

Suze Adams

Linda Ashe

Fiona Campbell

Philippa Edwards

Angel Greenham

Anna Kot

Ally McGinn

Vicky McKay

Kelly M O’Brien

Shirley Sharp

James Thornton