Coronavirus – Frome Festival Update

March 18, 2020 - Martin

Dear Festival Friends, Event Organisers, Performers and Supporters,

The ground is shifting beneath us by the minute. The Festival staff have consulted with our Chairman on the challenges we face in running the Festival this year regarding the Covid19 outbreak, and this is where we stand:

  • We anticipate that the venues in Frome may need to close in the near future. Some of our acts have been booked on the understanding that the Festival may be cancelled.
  • We think it a good idea to continue to complete the programme, assemble the brochure, and get it into design, ready to print.
  • We will hold off the print run as late as we can.
  • Brochure distribution may have to be later than usual. We will update the website with the programme.
    We may not be able to sell tickets in May, through the Box Office. This may be deferred until later than usual.We will be putting off a final decision on whether we can run the Festival until early May, when there will be time to get brochures in print, distributed, and tickets put up for sale. Even though this will mean changing our usual time-frame, it would enable us to run a Festival. It may be that the eventual programme loses some events.

    We will make every effort to run a Festival in July, but re-instating it to a later date is impractical.

From tomorrow onwards, the Festival staff will be working from home. Please email if you need to get in touch,, as we will be able to receive office emails remotely.


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