2020 Socially distanced Festival Events

As the Frome Festival has been put on hold this year, these are the socially distanced events which are able to go ahead this year:

The Frome Festival Window Wanderland

In conjunction with the organisers of the Frome Window Wanderland we are asking the creative people  of Frome, of all ages, to decorate their windows, and create a Summer Window Wanderland. We’d like these to stay up until the end of August to brighten up our town, and add a little festival atmosphere.

The theme is Festivals, and Anniversaries. This year would have been the 20th Birthday of the Frome Festival and this year is the 72nd Anniversary of the NHS.

As soon as your window is ready please email details to office@fromefestival.co.uk, and share your pictures with us on Facebook, we will add you to the list below, so so people can come and view your works of art.

For further information and to download Festival template, please click here.

Let’s brighten up the town, and spread a little joy!


  1. Mijakia, whitemill Lane, Frome, BA11 4EZ
  2. 8 Vallis Way, Frome, BA11 3BD








The Frome Festival is a 10 day community arts festival which is run as a hybrid fringe. Many events are put on by independent event organisers and included in the programme. The festival itself programmes a selection of events and some organisers donate their profits back to the festival.  The success of these events contributes to continuation of the Festival. We do hope that you will support them.