The Hidden Gardens

Sadly we are unable to run the 2020 Hidden Gardens. The Hidden Gardens are one of the Frome Festival’s most popular and successful events. We do hope that you come back next year to visit the wonderful range of Hidden Gardens in and around Frome.

The Hidden Gardens are usually open for three days during the Festival for exploration and inspiration, with all ticket proceeds going to support the Frome Festival.

Frome’s Medieval street plan has resulted in a variety of interesting gardens secreted away. Finding the gardens is a delight because you discover new areas of the town. The Hidden Gardens offer different locations, styles and designs ranging from Country Cottage to Mediterranean. We can offer you flowers, sculpture, large gardens, small gardens and gardens under construction. We have organic gardeners and gardens with fruit and vegetables using different growing and composting methods. Come armed with a notebook and perhaps your camera to gather your ideas. Talk to the gardeners who will be pleased to share their ideas with you and in return receive your suggestions. Sit for a while and have tea and cake in lovely surroundings.