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Date & Time: 14-Jul-2019 19:30 - 20:30
Event Code: 1427
Location: The Three Swans
Price: £6.00
Description: Hera is angry, but she's been trying her best to get past it. Then again, when you're an Ancient Greek goddess, being filled with an unquenchable wrath comes with the territory. Perhaps it's time to have a little vent... but is the world ready for 3000 years worth of anger? Written and performed by Alexandra Ricou, Monstrous is a one-woman show exploring the nature of female rage in the post-Me Too world. Alexandra previously performed in Bethany Heath's acclaimed show, Definitely Louise, at the Frome Festival in 2018. Monstrous will also feature in the Swindon Fringe and Bath Fringe 2019.