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Date & Time: 13-Jul-2019 19:45 - 22:15
Event Code: 1323
Location: Frome Town Hall
Price: £15.00
Description: Have you ever looked at your dearly beloved and thought ‘I wish I could say what I'm thinking.’ Frome Festival 2019 marks the debut of a dramatic comedy by local writer Nikki Lloyd, aiming to prove that relationships come in all shapes, sizes and intensity. Including a scene where, completely confidentially, the audience has the chance to say that thing they’ve always wanted to but never dared, via the characters. So would you dare... It's their crazy love life, but you're “so” invited. Geoff Hunt Productions & Charming Lark £15 each on the door and single tickets / £12 each for more than 2 tickets purchased.


Instagram: t_doves121