Food Feast Favourite – Worleys Cider wins 3 x top awards in 2019! #Festival, #Cider

January 8, 2020 - Martin

The Festival is delighted to announce that Food Feast favourite, Somerset-based Worleys Cider has picked up three prestigious awards in 2019. We’re looking forward to sampling some more cider at this year’s Food Feast on Saturday 4th July 2020.

In the national Great Taste Awards, its Special Reserve keeved cider picked up a 3-star award and went on to win the Nigel Barden Heritage Golden Fork award at the prize-giving ceremony.
In the Taste of the West Awards 2019, Red Hen and Special Reserve won a Gold Medal, and Special Reserve went on to win the overall Champion Cider accolade for the year.

Great Taste Awards:
Out of nearly 13,000 products from 100 countries, the Special Reserve had been awarded the 3-star accolade after a rigorous selection process involving many hours of blind tasting by hundreds of judges.
The judges loved the Special Reserve and gave some fantastic feedback:
“An enticing medium gold clear cider with natural sparkle and a fantastic nose presenting a strong fresh appley bouquet”
“A bright cider with an orange hue and very gentle bubbles around the outside. The carbonation is mousse like – very fine… It explodes with flavour and sparkles.”
“A really wonderful, natural aroma of apple, yeasts and spice, and a good level of fizz. The flavour delivered a good level of complexity, with plenty of dry, woodsy character, natural apple flavour and a good balance of sweet and acidity…”

Taste of the West Award:
Taste of the West represents the whole of the South West of England, covering Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall and Hampshire. It’s distinctive blue medal badges can be found on the best-quality products from this region. Worleys have been consistently successful with its ciders here – winning Champion Cider in 2015 & 2017 for Red Hen; and also in 2019 with Special Reserve.

Managing Director Neil Worley says:
“2019 has been such a fantastic year for us. We are a small family business based in Somerset, focussed on making great quality cider. To recognised for national and regional awards after such rigorous tasting processes is very gratifying.

“We’ve spent nearly ten years developing our Special Reserve Keeved cider. You get an outstanding fruity flavour, gentle sweetness and mellow tannin. We think it’s a perfectly balanced and full-flavoured cider, and we’re really pleased that the judges agreed. Our Special Reserve is priced very competitively and usually retails at around £6.50 for a 75cl bottle, so it’s a very accessible price for such a highly-regarded product.”

Visit for stockists or to order online.

What is a keeved cider?
A really good keeved cider is a great demonstration of a cider maker’s skill, touch and artistry. It demands a deep understanding of the processes at play to master the interaction of fruit selection, maceration, keeving, and subsequent fermentation and bottle-conditioning to create the perfect keeved cider.
It’s a fascinating and challenging process, and creates the most delicious results. The extra risks and monitoring involved are why larger-scale operators have turned their back on the method. Worleys Cider is a small business that makes quality ciders using wild yeast fermentations. Making a keeved cider is a perfect way to showcase the skills of cider making, and a great way to differentiate ourselves from industrial makers.
Keeving is a method of controlling fermentation, arresting it prematurely by manipulating the level of nutrient available to the yeast. This means some of the natural sugars in the apple juice remain in the final cider. It is also bottle-conditioned, unfiltered and unpasteurised, with a beautiful soft, rich apple flavour. We also use natural cork closures.

About Worleys Cider
Worleys Cider is a small family business based in the hamlet of Dean near Shepton Mallet. Directors are Neil Worley and Helen Burge – partners for 20 years. They have 3 children, Ann 15, Kit 14 and Jem 11.
“We make all our ciders on a 17th Century farm in the Mendip Hills in Somerset – the heartland of traditional English cider making. We only use vintage English cider apples grown in the heritage orchards of the Somerset Levels, and often select varieties that are no longer used in mainstream cider making, creating unique flavours.”
“To maintain the quality of our cider, it’s vitally important that we use only the very best quality and varieties of cider fruit, pressed at precisely the right moment, and subsequently blended to optimise consistently great flavours. That really is the key to making great cider if all you’re using is fresh-pressed juice. There’s nowhere to hide.”
Blending is the key to making good cider – we believe it’s much more like making wine than beer – and cider maker Neil Worley uses his expertise and fine palate to create a range of exceptional, award-winning ciders.
At Worleys we only ever use fresh-pressed juice to make our cider – we never use apple juice concentrate – and this is what sets apart the flavour of authentic ciders from mainstream ciders.
Worleys Cider Ltd was started in 2009 after Neil had been making cider for family and friends for around 5 years.”

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