Martin Dimery’s Highlights:

Billy Bragg headlined and I bumped into a couple in Cheap Street who had come from Sweden to catch his appearance.

Tamsin Waley Cohen returned and Pee Wee Ellis gave us a new show.

The writer and broadcaster Michael Wood, who has connections through St. John’s Church, was invited to present a talk on his book “In Search of Shakespeare” at Rook Lane, which was irresistible. In the Shakespeare 400th  anniversary, I made an exception to my rule of not appearing in the festival by bringing my little “Shakespeare Rattle and Roll” revue out of mothballs.

Noisy Oysters puppet shows at the Silk Mill were a wonderful addition for kids

Jackdaws Songbirds 

Performing at Frome Festival is the highlight of our year! It feels so good to be part of this wonderful fixture in the Frome calendar. We timetable it specially so that it interferes with whatever sporting event is happening: Wimbledon men’s final (always), world cup/European cup football final (does not concern England fans) and occasional cricket business.

This only enhances the after show party. In 2005 our first performance was outside the Black Swan café. Over the years we have performed at many splendid venues: the Silk Mill (no exhibition paintings were damaged), the Millennium Green (only one Jill fell down the hill), Rook Lane Chapel (sharing the space with Benjamin Baker), and for the last 7 years, at Christ Church (usually follows a morning christening).

All of these performances would have been a sell out, if only we had charged an entry fee. In 2005 there were about 20 of us. Now there are about 60. Our singing is always joyful and uplifting!

Any rumours that people only come for the halftime homemade cakes are completely unfounded. 

Caroline Radcliffe, Choir leader.