Hidden Gardens

FRI 12 – SUN 14 JUL 2024

What is Hidden Gardens of Frome?

It’s an annual event when gardeners around Frome open their gardens to the public. Last year over 40 gardens were open and we sold more than 1,100 programmes. Some of these are large, formal gardens but most are small or medium spaces in various stages of development! The key thing is that the gardeners are keen to share their space, their plans, and their achievements.

When is Hidden Gardens of Frome happening in 2024?

It will be in its traditional slot at the last weekend of the Festival, Friday 12th to Sunday 14th July. We’ve had some discussions about the challenges of those dates, but the synergy with the Frome Festival in terms of additional visitors to Frome, extra tickets sold for Festival events and people having time that weekend to take in some of the gardens is the main factor. For many people, Hidden Gardens of Frome is the highlight of the Frome Festival!

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in opening your garden for Hidden Gardens of Frome 2024, please email FromeHiddenGardens2022@outlook.com or click the button below and we’ll contact you for a chat and probably arrange a visit to make sure you understand the process. These visits are non-judgemental, we know our visitors enjoy all sorts of gardens in all states of preparation / tidiness / wildness but they do allow us to check for any hazards that need to be highlighted and talk about potential parking issues etc.

What’s expected if I choose to open?

You’ll be asked to provide a couple of sentences describing your garden, and you’ll be included in the programme. Prior to the event we distribute numbered signs to be displayed on the days you are open, as well as some directional arrow signs. Ideally we ask gardeners to open at least two of the three days so that people have flexibility about how they tour around town – and also to minimise the impact of wet days. Standard opening hours are from 10:30am to 4:30pm each day. During that time visitors will just turn up and wander around, although they do appreciate having someone on hand to answer any questions – or just to have a chat.

What about the money?

The programmes are sold to raise funds for Frome Festival, over £5,000 in 2023. Hidden Gardens of Frome is one of the biggest contributors to Festival funds. We also encourage gardeners to offer plant sales or refreshments in support of your own favourite cause. Last year that raised £4,500 for nearly 20 different charities, both local and national.

Do I need special insurance?

No, Hidden Gardens of Frome is part of Frome Festival, and the Festival insurance provides public liability cover. You should still highlight any obvious or unusual risks to your visitors, like slippery paths, loose steps, or bee hives.

Photos from Hidden Gardens 2023 – Davina Chedgy / Wessex Photographic