Open your Hidden garden and support the Frome Festival #OpenGardens

December 12, 2018 - Martin

The Frome Hidden Garden Event attracts hundreds of garden lovers over three days each summer. It is held during the Frome Festival and next year will run from July 12th-14th 2019. The proceeds from the event provide financial support for the Frome Festival and the gardeners have the opportunity to raise money for charities dear to their heart, by serving teas and cakes and sometimes selling plants.

Our Medieval Town offers an array of interesting spaces filled with all manner of developed and developing gardens. This is the time to let others see behind the wall and venture through closed gates. There is no competition, your garden will not be judged as worthy or unworthy. We like to offer allotments and gardens of all styles ranging from the decorative to the bountiful and quirky to the formal. They can be bursting with wildlife, or they can be a modern town garden or a garden under construction. Gardens under construction are often the most fascinating to view. We don’t want perfection but gardens that inspire, amuse, inform and encourage other gardeners. Most of all we want the gardens to bring pleasure to our visitors.

If you are interested in opening your Garden in 2019 please send an email to The organisers (Imelda Murphy and Sharon Rossiter) will send you a booklet about the scheme. Before you make your final decision you may like to talk things through with Sharon and Imelda. At no point are you obligated to sign up until you are ready. Please consider supporting this event and ultimately the Frome Festival. If you would like to enter your Garden the absolute deadline is the 1st April 2019.

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