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January 16, 2020 - Martin

Dear fellow gardeners of Frome,

we thought you might like an update on the Frome Festival’s Hidden Gardens, which this year will run from Friday 10th-Sunday 12th July.

At the time of writing 25 gardeners have signed up to open in July, including new and returning gardens. We are aiming for a total of 30-32 gardens to open this year … assuming we can fit everyone’s description onto the programme.

We hope to have another successful year with lovely gardens, live music, teas and cakes in abundance. Opening your garden can be a super family activity. A comment from one garden says it all “opening was a delight last year”

At the moment the weather is awful, and the gardens are dreary to look at, but allow yourself for a moment to think of a beautiful sunny day in July with the air full of the scent of roses. Think of the plants, fruit and vegetables burgeoning around you and also think of the pleasant conversations you will have with appreciative and often like-minded visitors. Collectively the Hidden Gardens provide financial support for a wide range of charities. Every year all the proceeds from ticket sales go directly to support our own wonderful Frome Festival. Last year the Hidden Gardens raised £4500 for the Frome Festival and an additional £4100 for other charities, chosen by the Hidden Gardeners. With the support of our kind sponsors Mercer Designs and PPS Commercial Print we are well on our way to another successful year.

We now have enough gardens for this year, however if you would like to be involved next year or are interested in receiving more information, please contact the Hidden Gardens organiser (Sharon Rossiter) on Sharon will send you a scheme booklet. The process from expressing interest to being signed up doesn’t need to take long, so if you would like to be involved, don’t delay. Go on, like the frog make, that jump!




The Festival Team

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