The Treasure Hunt 2022 – A Winner is Declared!

Sep 1, 2022

Thank you everyone for entering this year’s Treasure Hunt. We had lots of interest and nine completely correct entries!

We had to draw the winner out of a hat, and can announce the winners as Pat and Jim Boyd. Congratulations!

We would like to thank Annette Gabbedy for donating a beautiful pendant as the prize, and to Jade Berry of Black Ink for designing the Treasure Hunt clue sheets.

Annette Gabbedy, Tim & Pat Boyd, Gavin Rea – Frome Festival Chair

Please find Treasure Hunt clues and answers below:

1  Wyvern or dragon? It may give you pause,

But what are the dates beneath its fierce claws?

1889-1989. Location: Frome Library

2 Where Napoleon lost, oh what a clamour,

But tell me the name that’s stamped on the hammer.

Pilkington. Location: Waterloo

3 The stones by this window, of many a family,

Will give you the surname of Alfred and Emily.

Gilbert-White. Location: Sun Street Chapel

4 What is this old house?  It’s a free one, I think

And this would be a fine place for a drink.

The Lamb and Fountain. Location: Castle Street

5 The name of the man on the plaque here is sought

To the left of this structure through which you might walk.

Councillor Stephen Harrison. Location:Trinity Walk

6 The words of Beethoven are striking a chord,

But what was this building in days of yore?

The (old fire station). Location: Christchurch Street West.

7 The first three words on the sign near here?

It’s yellow and warns of peril, that’s clear.

Beware falling masonry. Location: Catherine Street (car park).

8 More dates, please,  and I hope you get them right,

Which are found in stone underneath this light.

1810-1893. Location: Catherine Hill.

9 Below this sign – well, not too far at all,

What’s  the animal carved low down on the wall?

Cat. Location: Paul Street.

10 The name of the firm on the plaque we do need

To shed a light that we may see.

Edward Cockey and Son. Location: Palmer Street.

11 This pillar – it is one of four to view-

Is guarding the entrance to which arts venue?

Rook Lane. Location: Bath Street/ Rook Lane.

12 A path into town down which you might glide

But what is the school you will find alongside?

St Johns C of E school. Location: Christchurch Street East (Blind House Lane).

13. Below this dial a stone cross will yield

The name of this widow (or is it a field?

Mary (S) Baily. Location: St Johns Church.

14. A community space that rings a bell,

The name of this venue is yours to tell.

The Bennett Centre: Location: Vicarage Street

15   A beautiful cow, providing much bounty,

It’s not from Somerset, so tell me which county.

Devon: Location: Bath Street

16 So where might you find this thin metal label?

The shop name  we need, if you are able.

Amica. Location: Cheap Street.

17 We hope that this clue will help if you’ve read it,

To name the business, it may do you credit.

TSB. Location: Cheap Street.

18 The name of this way, please, you’ll like it I’m sure,

A part of the town that is old to the core?

Apple Alley.

19 No singers here, well that’s a surprise,

But who works above the tester of eyes?

Frome Festival. Location: Market Place (the old Singers office).

20 A building for building? No pray do not mock,

But write down the letters found upon the clock.

Frome Selwood. Location: Market Place.

21 In a street which might just rhyme with fork,

Who pitched up here, or so goes the  talk?

James Scott, Duke of Monmouth. Location: Cork Street.

22 She watches over the town, so old,

But in her right hand what does she hold?

A cane/walking stick. Location: The Bridge (Blue House).

23 You might need a wander to find this span,

And you need to find its name if you can.

Pilly Vale Underbridge. Location: Willow Vale.

24 .Back to the Future, you can see where the rust is,

I hope you may win, if there’s any ——-?

Justice (Lane).