Treasure Hunt Winners and Clue Sheet Answers

August 15, 2017 - Martin

This year’s Treasure Hunt had more people taking part than ever before, with two sheets having all the correct answers. Congratulations to the winner Rachel Wills from Frome who won this year’s treasure – a £200 Annette Gabbedy Jewellery prize –  and to the runner-up Roger Penniceard from Cheddar.

If you took part this year, we hope you enjoyed yourselves, and if you are itching to know what the correct answers were. please see below.

1. If you were sitting near these then who might be sitting with you.

Eric Messer2. Stand on the same spot, and turn around . How many of these will you see

43. If you stand here, assuming you do not have a cardiac arrest, what must you do.

Keep Out4. Instruction please.

Pull5. What will the Gift from God sell you.

Clothes6. What number is under the “Kite Mark”

459427. Keep you “posted ” by which fruit.

Apple8. British Summer Time in reverse here.

TSB9. Who owns this bit of Real Estate

Charles Hart10. What is restricted here

Alcohol11. If you look at this what building is on your left.

Argyll House12. Who is underneath this.

Pam13. Who has light shed on them here

Melanie Giles14. Number please.

8A15. What is the warning on the door below this.

These premises are protected by electronic surveillance16. Who might this be.

Millie Moon17. How many steps to the left of these

1318. What is this

Old Water Fountain / Pump19. The land formerly belonged to who.

The Champneys of Orchard Leigh20. This “closes” the access to what.

A Car Park21. Number please.

No.522. Whose house please.

Chester’s23. What name is this part of.

The Artisan24. If you read this what are you turning your back on

Oakville Care25. Number please

1926. This is access to where, albeit not the main entrance.

The Keep27. What is to the right of this, and I don’t mean stone.

A Window28. Where will you find these … yes there are a number of them..address please

46 Castle Street29. How long does the intelligent surveillance last

24 Hours30. How many are there

631. Multiply the two numbers together and what answer will you get.

270,00032. How many are allowed


33. Nearest Shop entrance please

M & Co34. How many of these here please

435. When did he die.


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